Brainy Brains Abacus

Brain Elevator Academy a leading company in education sector, provides a unique skill development programme in the name of "Brainy Brains Abacus Brain Booster Programme".

It's a whole brain development programmer with abacus and Brain Exercise. Brainy Brains Abacus programme is most suitable for 5 to 13 year old children.

Why the abacus is important for Children ?

Abacus training sharpens our memory and increases our ability to perform mental calculations, while improving co-ordination between the left and right brain , practising abacus regularly also improves visual memory and overall learning ability.

Programme Benefits

This is a unique skill development programme where we nourish the child's Brain to develop some of the basic skills for the learning such as.

Improves speed and accuracy of arithmetic skills

Improves concentration , visual memory , logical ability .listening skill , recall and long memory retention.

Excellent tool to develop both parts of the brain.